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Post by JoKeR5o9 on Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:41 pm

Welcome Guest, the following is a tutorial on how to become a member.

Step 1: Register here on the forums. If you have not done this already follow this link in a new tab:

Step 2: Open this link in a new tab:

Step 3: Copy the following code and paste it into the big box on the new tab you opened:

What is your Minecraft username?

Where did you hear about this server?

Do you agree to follow all the server rules? To see the rules do "/rules" while in the server.

Step 5: Answer all the questions you pasted in the big box, leave the questions in don't erase them.

Step 6: Tittle the topic and click send.

Congrats if you followed these steps you have applied for membership on JoKaCraft, you will be approved once someone checks your application however you can speed up the process by checking if there is any promoters, mods or admins on the server and asking them to check your application, please don't spam mods or admins if they are busy helping however, promoters you can spam because that is their job but be nice to them please.
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